I Have a Follower

I have a follower.  After weeks of sharing, tweeting, and forcing my blog on family and friends I have a follower.  So, my number one follower, this post is for you.

I thought blogging would be easy and that I would be inspired to write brilliant, interesting, and entertaining posts every day.  I figured I had a bottomless bucket of experiences, knowledge, and funny anecdotes to keep this thing going on a daily basis.  Truth is, after working at my sales job all day, commuting almost two hours a day, and taking care of my family and home I am exhausted.  But, all of these “things” are the same “things” that give me inspiration.  I find myself jotting down ideas daily for my next blog post and then just being too darn tired to blog.  So, I have decided to stop pressuring myself, lower my expectations, and just let this blog evolve at it’s own pace (and mine).

In no particular order…

I have learned the following about myself over the years:

  1. My family comes first. They are my priority.
  2. I am stubborn. Ask my husband.
  3. I care about our animal friends.
  4. I try not to take people for granted.
  5. I am not strongly political. I keep up with politics but am not fanatical about it.
  6. I believe in “live and let live”.  As long as you’re not hurting someone else, forcing your beliefs on me, or doing something illegal, I could care less if you cross-dress in your living room or don’t eat red meat.
  7. I have a hard time respecting someone who asks me to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. This includes those who could learn to do it themselves but choose not to.
  8. I feel great respect for the military, police, firefighters, and all first responders.
  9. I am more forgiving now than when I was younger. Forgiveness is good for our souls. Try it sometime.
  10. I try to learn from my mistakes. We are all human, mistakes are inevitable.
  11. Bitterness makes me miserable. So I choose not to be bitter as often as possible. Sometimes it takes a while for me to realize I am being bitter. Once it dawns on me, I try to let it go.
  12. I don’t dwell on the past. It happened. Move on.
  13. I am more tolerant than I realize.
  14. I am responsible for my actions.
  15. I tend to be brutally honest. I consider this a good quality but am working on my delivery.
  16. I work hard and relax harder. I value my downtime immensely.

To my one follower, I say “thank you”.

Please be patient as I learn to navigate blogging and discover the direction it will take.  If, indeed, it does take a specific direction.  This whole thing is a learning experience for me.  I hope to eventually add some “bells and whistles” to my site and maybe some day gain another follower.

By the way, “The Pioneer Woman” was on the TV in my living room while I was typing this.  Love her…

May we meet again soon.

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